Our vision is to enable a digital age transformation in Africa

Our Idea

Contribution to Sub-Saharan Africa GDP

Trade improves economic efficiency

Trade has a great potential to improve the economy of Africa by promoting exchange leading to improved production and sale of goods.

$180 billion, digitisation potential to Sub-Saharan Africa GDP by 2025

Digitalisation can promote economic development

There is a growing use of digital products by traditional players to confront the many challenges facing trade. ICT has boosted productivity and trade to its users.

Digital platforms growth in East Africa

Partnership with businesses to digitalise their operations

We enable access to a digital platform to build businesses' customer base, digitise their supply chain, provide collective data information to support a win-win collaboration

What we do...


We assessed the pain points related to process management in the retail and real estate industry. We identified digital solutions to improve efficiency to lead to increased profitability and solidifying a business' value proposition to their customers.


We then enable access to our digital platform to businesses to build their brand, grow their customer base, digitize their supply chain, provide collective data, therefore, support a win-win collaboration, and enable inbound marketing.


We created our flagship platform for food services & products, 'foodbar'. To enable vendor partnership on a subscription basis. Our other platform Kaya app Swahili for 'homestead', was created to enable landlords & agents to manage a rental property online 

We create opportunities for portfolio employees

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