What it means for ‘ValleyHub’ to join the Future Is Female PR Mentorship Program

Eva Barasa founder of Valley Hub Ltd is joining the second Cohort of the future is the female PR mentorship program

Jessica Kamuala

9/10/20212 min read

Eva Barasa founder of Valley Hub Ltd is joining the second Cohort of the future is the female PR mentorship program.

Valley Hub Ltd aims to leverage the mentorship program to enhance the usability and brand awareness of its technology to impact customer success.C. Moore Media International Public Relations (CMM) is an international media publication agency based in New York and the organization running the mentorship program.

Eva Barasa, our founder at Valley Hub Ltd, has been listed among the twenty-five (25) Africans entering the second cohort of the Future Is Female PR Mentorship Program which is run by a New York-based public relations agency; C. Moore Media International Public Relations (CMM).The program is designed to provide African female tech founders of early-stage startups with PR and communications expertise, knowledge, and insights to help grow their business and gain more visibility to attract customers, investors, and strategic partnerships.

"It's such a great time for us to be a part of this program. We aim to gain insights on how to improve a business's brand and grow their sales potential." Eva Barasa, founder & CEO ValleyHub Ltd. The Future Is Female PR Mentorship Program has already boosted our publicity in unimaginable ways. We got featured in over 10 articles all over the world. This includes major publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Disrupt Africa, to list a few. These features alone have boosted our visibility in our location, brought forward skilled members to our team, and support from different entities in access to growth opportunities for us.

We acknowledge that PR and communication go a long way in growing a business's customer base and building a user experience. Customers are more likely to buy into your product or service if you know how to display and communicate your value to them.

Valley Hub Ltd was founded in 2020 as a response to COVID-19 and a gateway to a digital age in Africa to enable retail businesses with a supply chain to manage their operations and build their business brand easily leveraging our solution.We believe the retail industry has a great potential to create jobs and scale up a country's economy and through digital transformation. We reckon that businesses will eventually adopt and establish in this age. According to the recent trends and the growth of ‘online communities’, in Rwanda alone, over 4 million users interact online each day.

This presents a higher probability of sales growth for these businesses. With the Future Is Female Program, we not only learn how to put Valley Hub out there for businesses and potential investors, but we also use this knowledge to continually improve the software we provide in order to make sure any business in any industry can benefit.

Email us at hello@valleyhub.net to learn more about how we can partner with your business.